Running Analysis

MyStride Running Analysis Program

Our MyStride running analysis program was created specifically with runners in mind. The program is designed to help improve your running performance, along with identifying any potential deficiencies in your gait. At Indiana Physical Therapy we use a combination of movement screens along with video analysis software to identify problems and breakdown your running mechanics.

What are running mechanics?

Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced runner, running mechanics are important to improve running economy. Good running mechanics translate into more efficient running, and help to prevent injury. Efficient running prevents leg injuries like stress fractures, various types of leg tendonitis, and more.

The formal definition of running mechanics is “the physical parameters one looks at to maximize running economy.” In other words, are the arms and legs moving the same with each stride with regards to arc of motion, ground counter force, ground push off force and time spent on each leg when in contact with the ground?

It is important to be aware of how your body is moving while in motion. Faulty running mechanics can increase risk of running related injuries. Analyzing your gait provides you with powerful information to help improve your performance and avoid injury.

What to expect on your first visit:

A thorough evaluation is performed by one of our expert physical therapists who specializes in running mechanics. They will go over your training history, and any previous running related injuries. It’s important to have good strength and mobility in order to support proper mechanics so they will do a brief movement screen to see if you have any limitations that might affect your running form.

Afterwards you will get on a treadmill and your physical therapist will use video analysis software to break down your running mechanics. They will go over the movement screen and running analysis with you to make recommendations for exercises, training modifications, or day training drills.

To schedule your MyStride running analysis appointment, contact our Central Scheduling Department at (260) 209-2464.