Industrial Services

Industrial Services

At IPT, we realize the financial and emotional impact that results when someone gets hurt on the job. We work with employers, case managers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals every day to help injured employees return to work quickly and reduce the likelihood of further injury. All new patients are seen within 24 hours of their referral date, and same day appointments are also available.

Our physical therapists are experienced professionals trained to evaluate conditions and provide a personalized plan of intervention for patients. These specialized interventions include targeted exercises, manual therapy techniques, and pain control measures to address specific conditions. We take the patient’s age, daily work responsibilities, activities, and personal goals into consideration.

An on-site job analysis can be conducted to evaluate whether changes should be made to specific jobs that will decrease the potential for injury, claims, or medical expenses. IPT also provides training programs for employees and supervisors that are informative, fun, and relevant to the company. Our ergonomics experts will evaluate the physical demands on employees performing specific job tasks and will introduce an anti-fatigue stretching exercise program customized for the company.

Our Work Conditioning program starts with an evaluation followed by specific stretches and simulated work activities. The employee also participates in cardiovascular fitness exercises to ready them for an overall fitness program and increase their tolerance for daily activities. Every patient also receives a home exercise program developed specifically for their needs.

We will communicate frequently with employers, physicians, and case managers regarding the progress of their workers compensation patients. We believe that patient accountability and active participation maximize the effectiveness of treatment and long-term recovery; if an employee fails to keep a scheduled appointment, we notify the employer, physician, and case manager of the missed visit the same day.


Industrial Services

  • Personalized consulting services for injury prevention
  • All new evaluations scheduled within 24 hours of notification
  • Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialists
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Ergonomics Assessments
  • Work Conditioning
  • Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization (ASTYM)
  • Back School
  • Upper Extremity School
  • Manual Therapy
  • Hand Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Licensed Physical Therapists & Athletic Trainers
  • Ongoing communication with employer, physician, insurance company, and case manager regarding patient progress, recovery, and attendance

Corporate Wellness and Fitness Program

The Wellness and Fitness programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of every company’s and individual’s goals. Our staff of Certified Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapist assesses the overall fitness and wellness of your employees and designs specific programs of for each employee. In addition to the wellness program, our staff works with the employee to improve their diet and advise them on healthy living. Our wellness programs are designed to meet the state’s standards for a qualified wellness program tax credit.

Ergonomic Assessment

The professional evaluation is used to identify and report any risk factors that the worker may encounter while employed. By identifying those risks for injury and physical stress, the evaluator provides recommendations for modified design and practice. The ergonomic assessment and its implementation can help make the work environment safer and more physically efficient. Ergonomic modification of the job site or method by which the job is performed can be done to reduce the potential of injury, or re-injury in the case of an injured worker who is returning to work. The practice of ergonomics works toward fitting the job to the person-not the person to the work-to optimize and enhance performance.

Functional Capacity

Indiana Physical Therapy offers a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) at all of its locations. An FCE is an evaluation which assesses and documents a patient’s current ability to perform work, from a physical, medical, and ergonomic perspective. It is a systematic, objective evaluation of a worker’s ability to work. The FCE process will benefit those employees and employers who are trying to be placed or place an employee back into a safe working environment following a work or non-work related injury. Any injury may be evaluated with the FCE process, ranging from spinal injuries, shoulder injuries, hand and elbow injuries, to multi-trauma injuries.

Injury Prevention Program

Indiana Physical Therapy will present a customized injury prevention program that focuses on anti-fatigue stretching to reduce discomfort during work activities. We will also instruct the worker on proper lifting techniques. IPT will outline the basics of good mechanics and teach the workers to apply these principles to daily routines. Knowing how to properly perform these tasks will reduce risk, help maintain good health, and increase productivity.

Management Education

The Management Education program is designed to better educate the management staff on understanding work restrictions, functional capacity evaluations (FCE’S), assist them in identifying malingering, or any topic that is beneficial your company. A member of our Physical Therapy staff will come to your facility and meet with your management team on the topic that needs to be addressed. This one on one communication and education provides in depth training and insight to your management team, saving your company time and money.

On-Site Analysis

An on-site job analysis can be conducted to evaluate whether changes should be made to specific jobs that will decrease the potential for injury, claims, or medical expenses. This process involves an expert in job analysis to visit the actual job site and analyze a specific job for various reasons specified by a physician or company. There are several reasons why a job analysis is requested; a) to evaluate a current process/procedure to determine a possible different method to either decrease claims or costs b) to determine physical demands in order to allow an employee to return to work. Each job site analysis is documented via the use of video.

On-Site Injury Assessments

Our staff of Certified Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapist will come out to your facility; perform injury assessments on your employees, and provide them with specific care instructions for their specific injury. Our staff has an extensive background in industrial medicine and injury assessments. This program has a proven track record of reducing your workers’ compensation cost and returning your employees back to work, saving you money and making your company more productive.

Pre-Shift Flexibility and Exercise Program

Our pre-shift flexibility and exercise programs are designed by our Physical Therapy and Certified Athletic Training staff to reduce the risk of injury associated with cumulative musculoskeletal trauma. Each program is specifically designed to each work area in your facility. This program has helped many companies in Northeast Indiana reduce injuries and improve employee productivity.

Post Offer Examination

Indiana Physical Therapy will design custom physical testing procedures to evaluate your candidate for the position that they have been offered. This examination includes measuring a candidate’s strength and endurance in lifting, grasping, reaching, or any other function that they will ask to perform in their prospective role with your company. That data is then compiled, evaluated, and given to you with recommendations. In addition the candidate will be educated on proper biomechanics and in the care of musculoskeletal injuries.