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2904 Wal-Mart Drive
Huntington, IN 46750
Phone: (260) 224-6685
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Open Monday-Thursday: 7AM-7PM, Friday: 7AM-6PM

Welcome to our Indiana Physical Therapy Huntington clinic, conveniently located at 2904 Wal-Mart Drive in Huntington, Indiana. Led by senior therapist Chrissy Machielson, our clinic offers professional physical therapy services including orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation, manual therapy, dry needling, and more.

Our Huntington clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced therapies to optimize healing, restore function, and promote overall well-being. Our evidence-based techniques, combined with individualized care, ensure that you receive the highest quality of treatment.

Schedule an appointment with our Huntington clinic today and experience the difference of Indiana Physical Therapy. Let our expert team guide you towards improved mobility, pain relief, and a higher quality of life.




PT, DPT, Sr. Therapist


I injured my ankle while playing sports in high school and my athletic trainer discussed with me becoming a physical therapist. Since I didn’t know exactly what that was, I shadowed a local therapist and saw what they did and was hooked on how dynamic a job it was, and enjoyed watching patients improve and get back to their normal activities.

The best part of my job is helping people get better, working with my patients, and learning about their lives/families. I also enjoy how active our job is and working with my staff.

Fun fact about me, I have 6 brothers, no sisters! Also, I collect board games, and currently have over 300!




I became a PT in order to help others achieve their goals so that they can return to doing what they love.

My favorite part about my job is seeing people progress and achieve their goals when often times they never thought they would do some of those things again.

Interesting (and expensive) fact about me, I drink about 3 gallons of milk a week by myself.




I became a Physical Therapist Assistant because my father needed PT back in the day and is the one who sparked my interest! I did some research on the job and thought it would be a good fit!

The best part of my job is seeing people progress and watching them light up when they do something they could not do before.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time outdoors including kayaking, walks, or just sitting around the fire with my family, friends, and dog.




I became a Physical Therapist because when I shadowed a few PTs during undergrad, I liked the atmosphere and the treatment approach. I’ve always enjoyed learning more about health and the human body, and I wanted a profession that combined this and my desire to solve problems and help others.

The best part of my job is enjoying the fun conversations I have with patients, seeing them get better and have more autonomy over their conditions.

Fun fact about me, I enjoy many different sports/intramurals, but my favorite is ultimate frisbee, which I played competitively through high school, and some in undergrad and grad school.