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Clinton Mayhew



PT, Sr. Therapist


I became a Physical Therapist because I have always been interested in helping people improve their physical, emotional, and mental selves. I also had a significant ankle injury (sports related) when I was younger and I found the physical therapy not only helpful, but very interesting.

The best part of my job is seeing the progress/overall improvement in patients and helping be part of getting them back to their lives and things they enjoy.

Interesting fact about me, I played collegiate volleyball at the University of Missouri. I have coached HS volleyball for 10 years and for 4 years coached AAU/JVA club volleyball.




I became a PT because I had an interest in how the body works and moves as well as educating people about how to rehab and take care of their bodies. I knew some friends who went through PT and thought that was the perfect “marriage” of those two interests and every time I would go and observe, I just fell in love even more.

The best part of my job is watching my patients progress from a low level of function to a higher level of functioning and improve their quality of life significantly! And then along the way, I enjoy getting to know my patients personally and learning about their hobbies and interests.

Some interesting facts about me, I have 3 young kids who I love to be active and get creative with! I love to recreationally work out as well! My husband and I like to travel a few times per year throughout the year and then spend quality time at our lake house in NE Indiana during the weekends for the majority of the year!




I became a PTA because I went through an injury in high school that required surgery and physical therapy. During that time, I learned how much therapists could impact the lives of their patients.

My favorite part of this job is hearing/ seeing the improvements patients have made to return back to their activities.

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening and preserving food with my husband. I love to bake and cook for my family. I also enjoy running, hiking, fishing, and going to church with my family.




I became a Physical Therapist because I grew up doing gymnastics and was always interested in movement and exposed to a lot of different orthopedic injuries. I observed different healthcare professions but connected the most with physical therapy.

The best part of my job is connecting with patients and helping them get back to doing the things they enjoy.

Outside of work, I love traveling and have been able to visit 12 countries over the past 3-4 years.