Sports Performance

Brooke Westphal

I’ve been a personal trainer for about 4 years, working with athletes, adults, and youth! I got into the fitness industry because I love working with each individual and seeing what they can achieve and how they progress! You never know what you’re able to accomplish until you’re given the opportunity! I am determined to help people create and sustain a healthier self!

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Mark Sexton

“I became a Physical Therapist because I wanted to be a part of the medical community to help people return to a higher level of function. The best part of my job is meeting people from all different walks of life and being a large part of helping those in need.”
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Sports Performance

The Sports Performance Program at Indiana Physical Therapy is designed to assess an individual’s movement quality and address any abnormalities and imbalances in order to improve the quality of an individual’s performance and skill in a given activity. Our goal is to avoid throwing ‘fitness on the dysfunction’ by teaching individuals to ‘move better’ first and then ‘perform better.’

No matter the goal/fitness level, whether an individual is looking to start a fitness regimen, is an adolescent who is becoming more involved in dance or sports related activities, or an individual who has just completed structured rehabilitation for an injury and is looking for the ‘next step’ prior to sport specific training, the IPT Sports Performance program will be able to assist you with accomplishing your goals. IPT Sports Performance staff members will provide thorough assessment/screening/goal development, patient education and a customized exercise program to fit individual’s needs and desires.

An individual’s overall level of movement quality impacts their function with regard to daily life, work/job demands or participation in sports and extracurricular activities. Establishing and maintaining good movement quality is essential in reducing the risk injury and improving overall individual functional to better achieve optimal activity performance.


Available Packages


Sports Performance:

This program is designed with injury prevention for the athlete as the primary focus. A biomechanical evaluation will be performed in order to determine any mobility, strength, or movement pattern asymmetries that could point to potential increased risk of injury.

Evaluation $30  
60 Minute Session $30 90 Minute Session $35
Eight Sessions $215 Eight Sessions $250
Sixteen Sessions $405 Sixteen Sessions $475


Sport Specific Evaluation $40  
Sport Specific Add-Ons: 90 Minute Sessions Only
$30/Package Half Combo $280
$10/Single Session Full Combo $505

Gap Program:

Designed for the discharged therapy patient, aged 59 and under, that no longer medically needs therapy but wants continued guided care. This program is also for the non-athlete that would like to become more active but feels they are limited by quality of his/her movement.

Evaluation $30
Single Session $25
Eight Sessions $180
Sixteen Sessions $340

Active Lifestyle:

This program focuses on biomechanics for the older clients, age 60+, looking for lifestyle improvement and injury prevention. It will include strengthening, mobility, core stability, and balance.

Evaluation $30
Single Session $25
Eight Sessions $160
Sixteen Sessions #310

Healthy Living:

Individualized program designed to aid client in achieving weight loss goals in a healthy manner. We will focus on physical activity with guided workouts, as well as home workouts to perform daily. Includes meal planning education (macros, total caloric intake, etc) and meal plan that changes monthly based on goal progression. Meal plan will include options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Evaluation $30
Single Session $30
Eight Sessions $205
Sixteen Sessions $385
Meal Plans $30/Month

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