Plantar fasciitis

What it is: The plantar fascia is a thick band on the bottom of your foot that attaches at the heel and travels along the bottom of the foot and attaches at the toes. Plantar fasciitis is when that band gets inflamed and irritated or even have a small tear.

What would I feel: Typically, people will feel pain in their heel, along the arch of the foot or even into the ball of the foot. This is a common condition and will affect 10% of the population at some time in the life.

How is it treated: Treatment is varied and will be patient dependent. However, in general this is treated with stretches for the calf and plantar fascia as well as strengthening to support the plantar fascia and lower leg. Intrinsic muscle strengthening is typically involved as well as general ankle strengthening, but hip and knee strengthening is also needed sometimes to support the leg during normal everyday activities such as walking, jogging or stair climbing.  Outside supports, such as orthotics may also be used to support the foot and for pain relief. Ice can also be useful for pain relief when

Top 2 exercises: Most common exercises for this condition are tennis ball or golf ball roll along the bottom of the foot as well as ice bottle roll for the bottom of the foot to common down inflammation. A calf stretch will also help to stretch out the lower leg and help with pain.


Chrissy Machielson, DPT, OCS, COMT, CHT, CBFE
Senior Physical Therapist – Huntington Clinic