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Welcome to our Indiana Physical Therapy Mishawaka clinic, conveniently located at 620 West Edison Road in Mishawaka, Indiana. Led by senior therapist Andy Misner, our clinic offers professional physical therapy services including orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation, manual therapy, sports performance, occupational therapy, and more.

Our Mishawaka clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced therapies to optimize healing, restore function, and promote overall well-being. Our evidence-based techniques, combined with individualized care, ensure that you receive the highest quality of treatment.

Schedule an appointment with our Mishawaka clinic today and experience the difference of Indiana Physical Therapy. Let our expert team guide you towards improved mobility, pain relief, and a higher quality of life.




PT, DPT, ATC, Sr. Therapist


Initially, I got into PT because I enjoyed working with athletes; however, since then I have grown to love treating patients of all backgrounds.

The best part of this job is getting patients back to activities they thought they’d never do again.

Outside of work, I am an avid outdoorsmen and love hunting and spending time with my wife and girls!




I graduated from the University of Indianapolis with my doctorate in OT in 2022, and became an occupational therapist because I wanted to help people recover from injuries and return to their daily lives. 

My favorite part about this job is interacting with my patients and seeing the progress that they make in therapy.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, spending time with family, and traveling.




I became a therapist because I saw how it helped my grandmother many times growing up with her PSP diagnosis to be able to reach her goals to be able to have a better quality of life.
My favorite part about my job is knowing that I am making a difference during their progress of getting better from injury.
Fun fact about me: I have a twin brother who just graduated from law school.




My initial interest in PT began in high school when I had an injury from playing basketball, and I had great physical therapists who got me back to playing sports again. Since then, I have wanted to do the same for others, which is why I pursued a career in Physical Therapy. I graduated with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Miami in 2022, and have been working as a Physical Therapist at Indiana Physical Therapy ever since.

Now, I enjoy working with patients from all different populations, creating relationships with them, and working together to get them back to doing what they love.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, boating, and playing sand volleyball. I also love the opportunity to travel and spend time with my family.




I became a physical therapist out of fascination on how the human body moves and wanted to better understand how to use movement and exercise to decrease pain and improve performance with both recreational and everyday life activities.
My favorite part about my job is getting to see the light bulb go off as I educate my patients on their current condition and ways to improve; and then getting to see them as improve toward their goals.
Fun fact about me: I enjoy taking on a wide variety of projects at home.