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Camby, IN 46113
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Open Monday-Thursday: 7AM-7PM, Friday: 7AM-6PM

Welcome to our Indiana Physical Therapy Camby clinic, conveniently located at 7015 Kentucky Ave in Camby, Indiana. Led by senior therapist Ken Johnson, our clinic offers professional physical therapy services including orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation, manual therapy, dry needling, and more.

Our Camby clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced therapies to optimize healing, restore function, and promote overall well-being. Our evidence-based techniques, combined with individualized care, ensure that you receive the highest quality of treatment.

Schedule an appointment with our Camby clinic today and experience the difference of Indiana Physical Therapy. Let our expert team guide you towards improved mobility, pain relief, and a higher quality of life.




PT, Sr Therapist


Ken Johnson grew up in Lima, Ohio. He went to college at Indiana University where he received his Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy in 1997. Ken received a Graduate Certificate in Health Sciences Patient Centered Outcomes in 2006 from Indiana University and numerous other certifications to ensure he is up to date with the most recent research and treatment techniques for treating the wide range of conditions his patients experience.

Ken has practiced in outpatient orthopedic clinics his entire career and enjoys the challenge this setting brings every day. He has experience in treating most conditions that present themselves in an outpatient orthopedic setting including neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip and knee pain, lower extremity and upper extremity overuse syndromes, and foot dysfunction as well as balance and vestibular disorders. He has completed additional training for Graston soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, FMS/SFMA evaluation, and Blankenship WorkEval Functional Evaluation. He has a special interest in cervical and shoulder dysfunction, thoracic outlet syndrome, return to work training, balance training, strengthening, and fall prevention techniques for older adults, and working with athletes to help them return to their sport of choice.

Ken has lived on the south side of Indianapolis since 1997 with his wife. He has four children in high school and college and a pet to help keep him busy. When not at work, he enjoys cycling, watching sporting events, and spending time relaxing with friends and family.