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Indiana Physical Therapy – Sports Performance

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Indiana Physical Therapy Sports Performance program offers a unique experience for athletes of all ages and experience levels. The program starts by analyzing each participant’s body function and mechanics for errors, asymmetries, or imbalances in mobility, stability, and strength. Once these areas are discovered, we implement a personalized training regimen to start fixing the dysfunction. As the dysfunctional movement is eliminated, the focus of the training shifts to speed, agility, and power with a sport specific approach. The goal of this program is to enhance the movement of each participant so that they can find gains in performance, injury prevention, and daily living. We want to provide a program that does not throw weight lifting or high volume training upon dysfunction. 

Indiana Physical Therapy understands that each parent, team, and student athlete has busy schedules. For that reason, sessions will be offered during regular business hours, late evenings as well as on Saturdays. Please contact either Mark Sexton or Trevor Kimm using the below contact information for scheduling or more information.

Trevor Kimm FMSC

Mark Sexton LAT, ATC, FMSC
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