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Therapy Staff - Dave Kuhn
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  Dave graduated from the University of Indianapolis with a Bachelors of Science in pre-physical therapy and then received his Master's Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis. Dave became a Certified Athletic Trainer after completing his internship while in graduate school for Physical Therapy.

Since 1985, he has been treating orthopedic and athletic injuries in outpatient clinics. He started Indiana Physical Therapy, Inc. in 1988 with partner Andy Vogel and established the first high school outreach program in northeast Indiana, providing athletic training coverage to several local schools. A second partner, Troy Smith, was added in 1996. The company has grown to include eight clinics that specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation and sports injury recovery. Indiana Physical Therapy, Inc. also has a strong presence in industrial medicine, occupational therapy, functional capacity evaluations, vestibule disturbance retraining, and houses one of the only specialists in women's health issues.

Dave became involved with the United States Olympic Committee in 1989. He has been a member of several Olympic sports medicine staffs including US sports festival in 1990, Pan American Games in Havana Cuba in 1991 (water polo), Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 (track and field), Winter Olympic Games in Nagano Japan in 1998, and the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney Australia in 2000. Dave has also served on the sports medicine staff of several NCAA indoor track and field championships as well as the Gymnastic World Championship in 1996. He continues to be a member of the USA Swimming Sports Medicine Society and US Olympic Sports Medicine Society. Dave currently serves as the Athletic Trainer to Bishop Luers High School in Fort Wayne, IN.

Dave has attended several continuing education courses with an emphasis on functional rehabilitation techniques and manual therapy. He believes that the key to physical therapy is to help people to return to their previous level.


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